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Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

You may be super organized and on top of everything in your life but that doesn't necessarily mean you should take on the task of planning your entire wedding alone. There are infinite reasons on why you should hire a wedding planner, from finding your dream vendors to handling any wedding day mishaps. Working with a well-connected and experienced planner will take a lot of the burden off of you and your partner leaving you with time to enjoy. Today we have narrowed it down to our top 5 reasons you may want to consider having a planner by your side!

1. Planners Keep the Planning Process on Track

With hundreds of To-Do's to be checked off the planning list, planning a wedding can become extremely overwhelming, leaving brides in an endless hole of thinking "What do I handle next?". Having an experienced wedding professional scheduling out your planning process will provide you with the direction and simplicity you need to get everything accomplished and checked off of your to do list before the big day. This is especially helpful when planning your wedding on a shorter than average timeline. (Pro Tip: Most wedding couples begin planning their weddings 12 - 18 months in advance)

2. Planners are Event Throwing Experts

Unlike most brides and grooms, wedding planners have executed dozens to hundreds of weddings on their own and are clued into every intricacy that goes into planning a memorable and fluid event. Not only will you be thankful for their logistical expertise, when choosing the right vendor team or creating your wedding floor plan, but also for their emotional intelligence they are equipped with on what is sure to be a very powerful and emotional day!

3. Planners Help Bring Your Vision to Life

Your wedding planner should be able to turn your wedding design hopes into realities! When you begin meeting with potential wedding planners it is important to discuss personal style and your overall dream wedding aesthetic, to make sure they have a similar creative vision for your big day!

4. Planners have the Right Connections

If you have began researching potential wedding vendors we're sure you've seen the endless lists of possible vendors to choose from. This is where your wedding planner will become your personal vendor matchmaker, helping your find vendors that not only fit within your design scheme but also within your overall wedding budget. And speaking of budget, many planners help you receive discounts on services and products since they are more likely to offer repeat business to their preferred vendors. What a bonus, right?

5. Planners Allow you to Enjoy the Big Day

We have a simple question. Would you rather be spending the morning of your wedding running around setting up centerpieces and making sure your vendors arrive on time or would you rather be drinking a nice, refreshing mimosa laughing with your ladies while getting your hair and makeup done? Easy answer, right? Let your wedding planner be the guiding light on your wedding day leaving you with nothing else to do but enjoy!


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