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Find the Perfect Season for your North-eastern Wedding

Like many other North-easterner wedding couples you may be thinking, "When is the best season for my wedding?" Factors such as your venue preferences, guest travel, weather and many other external factors are important to take into consideration when choosing your wedding date. As you would assume, there are many pros and cons of each season, so it is important to choose a date that lines up with your dream wedding day vision!


Spring is one of the most popular times of year for North-easterners to wed. Although the weather can be slightly unpredictable, the later into Spring you get, the more ideal the weekend dates are. Discounts on vendors and venues in the early Spring may also be available to you, with pricing peaking closer to Summer months and Labor Day.


Who doesn't love a sunny seaside Summer wedding? Undoubtably, Summer is one of the most beautiful times of the year to get married in the North East. But, be cautious of the weather, as it also has a tendency to be on the more humid and hot side, especially during July and August. However, if you offer your guests a beautiful beach view, they are sure to get some relief from that cool summer breeze coming off of the ocean!


Fall - Our personal favorite season for an East Coast Wedding. The leaves are starting to change color and a coolness fills the air as the sun sets each day. Consider an early Fall wedding if you are hoping for an outdoor ceremony and reception, as the weather this time of year is unbeatable.


If you are a couple on a budget, Winter might just be the best option for you. With venues and vendors offering heavier discounts in the Winter months, your budget is able to be stretch a lot further. If you are planning on a Winter wedding, we do suggest an indoor ceremony and reception as weather can be extremely unpredictable during these cold months.


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